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A Pattern Language

A Pattern Language emerged with my “playtime” using iphone apps. I’ve been creating mirror images and patterns with my drawings for years. I began to use the Drawing on History images to double and multiply a single image to create patterns. These images serve and satisfy a different part of my creative nature of exploring dualities and multiplicities through pattern. How much different a double is from a single, or a triple from a quadruple. Repetition as a comfort, much as we find it in nature with the underlying Fibonacci numbers and the golden ration. I believe we resonate and respond to pattern whether we are aware of it or not. The images in A Pattern Language only existed in camera. To bring them into a tangible existence, I experimented with making large prints and liked the results. However, there was a need to make the prints my own, which inspired the painting of their surfaces. Adding gold and white to enhance or alter the surface and in doing so making each in its’ own way, one of a kind. 

These images are giclée prints on canvas with hand drawn and painted elements.
They are in signed editions of 5; 18” x 20”, sprayed with a UV coating.
They come with a 2 part stained pine hanger. $475.